MAC Magic of the Night | Swatch and Review

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As you might have seen last week I posted a little haul of things I had bought from Mac. Three of these things were from the newly released Magic of the Night collection that has been released for the holiday season this year. I’m not going to lie, I am already feeling exceptionally Christmassy so  I had to get my hands on some of their pieces.

All the items in this collection are limited edition and come in this special metallic packaging so unfortunately they are more expensive than MAC’s permanent items.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Evening Rendezvous (Limited Edition) – This is the only limited edition lipstick shade in the Magic of the Night collection, the others are all permanent shades just re-promoted in the metallic purple packaging. The MAC Mattes are one of my favourite formulas as they are very long wearing. They do leave your lips feeling a little dry so bear that in mind and use a lip balm if you have dry lips like me. The colour is a nice warm, dusty purple with a red undertone. It’s very pretty and I personally find the red undertones make it more flattering than blue toned purples that can make me look a little dead because I am so pale. Like all MAC lipsticks it has a vanilla scent that I personally really like because I am a massive fan of anything vanilla flavoured or scented. Unfortunately the lipstick doesn’t taste like vanilla, which might actually be a good thing because otherwise I would end up constantly licking it off my lips.

MAC Colourdrenched Pigment in Tonight’s The Night & Ascent of Glamour (Both Limited Edition) – These eyeshadows are basically pressed pigments that are, as far as I am aware, new to the Magic of the Night collection. There are 5 colours for this collection that are all limited edition and come in the metallic teal packaging. I decided to go for these two as I am a sucker for anything purple or teal. The eyeshadows are beautifully jewel toned and have fine glitter particles. I wouldn’t consider these to be everyday shades, or even that Christmassy, but they are beautiful. They do have some fall out and they apply better with your finger than an eyeshadow brush but I enjoy staring at them as much as wearing them. I might have been a magpie in a previous life.

Unfortunately I do think most pieces in this collection have now sold out on MAC’s website but if you can still find  them on other websites like Debenhams, or in stores, then I would grab the pieces you’re into quickly as they are some very unique pieces and without a doubt they wont be around for long.

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Miniature MAC Haul & First Impressions

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I recently place a small MAC order online. Well… I say small, I didn’t buy much but it was still quite expensive.

MAC has recently launched a few limited edition collections and while some of them have been a bit hit and miss I couldn’t resist checking out their Christmas collection. I’ve never really owned any MAC limited edition items before as I’ve either not been quick enough or not been interested enough in the products that they had to offer but this time the collection and the timing was just right. I picked up some other things as well, not just things from the Magic of the Night collection, so without further delay here’s what I bought:

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme D’Nude (Permanent) – This lipstick is one of MAC’s most famous ‘nude’ lipsticks. The cremesheen formula is very creamy and almost slippery, it doesn’t wear much longer than a few hours because of this but it tend not to dry out the lips. The colour is very close to my own pale skin tone and I bought it specifically for doing more smokey eye looks now the weather is getting colder.

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Mind Control (Limited Edition) – This lipstick is one of two released in the MAC Brooke Candy collection which really was like three products so not much of a collection. I’ve personally never heard of Brooke Candy, I think she’s a rapper or something like that, but the lipstick looked pretty. I own a few MAC red lipsticks but most of them are slightly orange, plum or just very matte. I wanted a nice blue based lipstick that could be worn around the Christmas period. The amplified formula is one of my favourite, it’s creamy but incredibly pigmented and once the main colour fades off they leave your lips with a nice stain.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Evening Rendezvous (Limited Edition) – This is the only limited edition shade in the Magic of the Night collection, the others were all permanent shades just re-promoted with the shiny purple packaging which I think was really quite lazy because no one wants to spend a a couple of quid more on a lipstick they can already buy any other time of the year. I really don’t think that the special packaging is worth that even though it is really pretty. The MAC Mattes are again one of my favourite formulas as they are very long wearing. They do leave your lips feeling a little dry but that can be combated by priming your lips before application. The colour is a nice warm, dusty purple. It seems to be somewhere in between the colour of a plum and parma violets if that even makes sense? I find this shade of purple to be more flattering that the true pastel or blue-toned purples.

MAC Colourdrenched Pigment in Tonight’s The Night & Ascent of Glamour (Both Limited Edition) – These eyeshadows are supposed to be pressed pigments, limited to the Magic of the Night collection. I think there were either 4 or 5 colours for this collection but I only got these two as they looked like the most interesting shades. The eye shadow itself feels a bit gritty and although it applies well with your fingers it doesn’t really cling enough to an eye shadow brush to pack on that much pigment. I need to have a bit more of a play around with these before I can give you my final thoughts on them but they are beautiful, rich colours.

And that’s it everyone. I hope you enjoyed my first impressions of these items. Thanks for reading.

MAC’s Look in a Box Lip Kit – Fashion Lover | Review & Swatches

Look in a Box packaging photo IMG_3755_zpstd8a48j0.jpg
Now I’m not really much of a fashion lover, but when this lip set came out I had to get it. Unfortunately it is completely sold out now but it was such a bargain when it was released. A full size lipstick, lipglass and lip pencil all for £29. That’s the price of the lipstick and gloss with out the lip liner added on!

MAC Look in a Box photo IMG_3756_zps4xwqiucp.jpg

The Lipstick is in the shade Flat Out Fabulous, a gorgeous purple colour with a fuchsia pink pull that makes it far more wearable than your average straight up purple colour. Because I am so pale I find most purples make me look dead, however this colour has just enough warmth to it to counteract that effect.

MAC Lipstick in Flat out Fabulous photo IMG_3758_zps8rh2ptzl.jpg

The lip liner is in the colour Heroine, but I own the lipstick in Heroine and I have to say that again the lip liner is much more wearable than it’s lipstick counterpart. The lip pencil also has the warmth of pinkness through it that lifts it from being too cold a colour, unlike the Heroine lipstick which isn’t quite warm enough for me.

MAC Lipstick swatches photo IMG_3761_zpsvysh6vof.jpg

Finally the lipglass is in the shade rhythm, which I think is exclusive to this kit. It’s again a pinky-purple colour that has a sheer base with pink and purple glitter through out. It’s quite similar to the picture of the Viva Glam Miley I pictures that I’ve seen so if you own that you haven’t missed out. Overall I’m very pleased with this purchase.

MAC Lipstick photo IMG_3760_zpsqn7x0eel.jpg

Splurge Vs. Save – Nail Polishes

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When it comes to nail polishes I’m not always the most frequent user. It’s more often than not that you find me with bare fingers but when I do paint my points I want something that’s low fuss but looks pretty. I don’t often spend much money on nail polishes, due to my infrequent wearing of them, but recently I splurged and bought an Essie nail polish set which is what has prompted this blog post.

The polish set contained a beautiful glitter top coat and Essie’s famous Mint Candy Apple for I think £12 so I was really excited to try them out. Unfortunately that’s where my excitement ended. Mint Candy Apple is hard to apply and gloopy, it comes out streaky more often than not and doesn’t set all that quickly (probably because of the gloop factor). After final getting my nails to look streak free, which took about 3 coats, I managed to smear one and once one is smeared the rest of them end up that way so I had to take them all off and start again. In the end I couldn’t get them to look nice and just took off all the polish. I don’t understand how so many people can love this polish.

I had better luck with the application of the top coat which dried quickly and applied evenly. It’s also very hard to streak a topcoat so that’s a plus. Unfortunately the next day the polish started chipping off. Glitter polishes are notoriously difficult to take off and yet this stuff was pealing off easily all by itself less than 24 hours after application.

On the other hand my Collection lasting gel nail polish that I also purchased recently applied much better, only took two coats and dried far quicker that it’s more expensive competitor. The Barry M top coat is also a long favourite of mine and lasts a good few days before starting to chip.

Quite frankly I’d say you’re better off saving your money or buying a few cheaper nail polishes as they seem to work just as well, if not better than the more expensive brands. I feel like I wasted £12 and now I don’t trust anyone who claims to love Essie.

A Little MAC Haul


A few weeks ago I bought some MAC lipsticks when Debenhams were having 1/3rd off for national lipstick day. In the end it worked out that I bought two got one free at the normal price (which has now gone up to the point of ridiculous compared to like 3 years ago) . I love MAC lipsticks but I can’t justify buying 3 unless it’s an amazing deal like that.

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